Shanghai, China

ROOTED is located in a quiet corner of the bustling French Concession, sprouting in the secluded courtyard deep within the neighborhood lanes. This floral design studio draws inspiration from the simple and raw elements of nature, with the aim of reawakening people's connection to nature through floral practices. Much like planting a flower, from excavation and cleaning to planting and filling the soil, Studio Profile's inspiration takes root in these processes.

Excavation - The design process begins with excavation
To establish roots in a residential area, deep excavation is needed to reveal the soil. The original space was overly decorated by layers of makeovers from past residents. Removing the surface of the walls exposes uneven bricks and layers of plaster, preserving the original texture that has been unearthed. Non-structural walls were punctured to allow more air and light to enter. Digging through multiple layers of flooring reveals the nurturing soil in the garden, creating possibilities for flower bed planting.

Cleaning - Unify spaces through simple gestures
During the demolition process, a layer of protective black paint has been applied to the original doors and window frames, preserving the their old textures. All new structures and traces of excavation are covered in white, unifying the various old and new structures through simple washes of colors.

Sowing - Space planning
Our spatial planning process is akin to planting seeds. ROOTED is mainly composed of five functional areas: front garden, floral studio, event exhibition space, fresh flower cold storage space, and rear garden. The front garden greets the guests as a secret oasis, with irregularly cut garden paths leading people into the floral studio. The glass house in the garden serves as an exhibition and activity space. Old doors were removed to connect the floral studio, cold storage space and the back room. Instead, a perforated metal sliding door has been introduced as a flexible spatial divider with display functions. Different arrangements of T5 fluorescent tubes distinguish and illuminate various areas of ROOTED.

Leveling - Soil filling
The original space had different floor heights. So, similar to leveling soil after sowing, a single cement material is used to create a smooth surface across the entire space. A rammed earth block has been cast in place, serving as the main workstation for ROOTED. The earth platform’s natural grains and weightiness grounds the space, embodying the “rooted” spirit of the studio.

In this vibrant city, ROOTED studio carefully nurtures plants and strives to naturally integrate various contradictions in design projects. A harmonious relationship is created by balancing tranquility with vitality, the past with the present, and solidity with lightness.

ROOTED扎根在繁忙法租界的静谧一隅,发芽于弄巷深处的隐秘庭院。这家花艺设计工作室从大自然的质朴纯粹元素中汲取灵感,花艺实践旨在重新唤醒人们与自然的联系。正如如何种下一只花,从挖掘、清理、种植到填土,Studio Profile的灵感在这里生根发芽。



我们对空间的规划好比一个埋下种子的过程。ROOTED主要由五个功能区组成:前花园 、花艺工作室、活动展览空间、鲜花冷储空间和后花园。前花园作为小小秘境迎接着到来的客人,不规则切割的花园小路引领着人们步入花艺工作室。花园玻璃房兼容展陈活动空间,打通花艺工作室、冷藏室和后场区相连的门,让空间净深展露出来,取而代之的是具有展陈功能的金属穿孔移门,灵活的区分着功能区。整个空间中通过对T5灯管不同形态的排列组合区分应用于不同的场域,照耀养护着ROOTED。



Client: ROOTED
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion: 2023.12
GFA: 150 sqm
Design Scope: Interior design 
Materials: Rammed earth, Stainless steel, Cement
Photography: WenStudio