Shanghai, China

This ceramic piece is conceived as a block excavated from the ground. Emerged out of a pit fire, this object invites the user to participate in a ritual of scent. The block is gently bent from the two ends, forming a crevice at the center to receive the essential oil. Fired in low temperatures, the clay can absorb oil and gently diffuses the smell. The sedimentation of earth is evoked through the subtle grooves layered on the sides. The grainy texture entices the user to hold and touch the piece, like embracing a chunk of earth, consoling people physically and spiritually.

*This project is commissioned by OPEN OBJECT, a design-focused ceramic brand based in China. Established in 2017, OPEN OBJECT re-interprets the notion of "Chinese ceramics” by integrating modernist design principles with meticulous craftsmanship. OPEN OBJECT seeks the abstract quality of simple forms and the timeless beauty of well-balanced proportions.


*这是一件由OPEN OBJECT委托的设计。OPEN OBJECT是一个诞生于2017年的中国陶瓷设计品牌,通过融合现代主义风格与现有陶瓷材料技艺,重新诠释“中国陶瓷”这个既有概念。OPEN OBJECT寻求简单的形态与比例,力图抓住永恒、均衡之美。

Client: Open Object
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion: 2023.10
Design Scope: Product Design
Designer: Josh Ren
Photos: Open Object