Hangzhou, China

Within the concrete confines of the OoEli compound lies a glass sanctuary. RUOHAN’s latest store nestles within these delicate boundaries.

Upon visiting the glasshouse, one notices the trees puncturing the ceiling. In response to the site’s original characteristics, Studio Profile employed a frame-like design language on the ground, preserving the unique gravel floor. Upon this two-dimensional framework, granite volumes erect. These continuous and uneven structures appear like an encased landscape painting from afar. Each mass has been carefully arranged to contain a different function, such as cashier, changing room, storage, and display units. As visitors traverse the space, their experience is framed by the intervals; the undulating volumes establish a connection with the surrounding natural scenery.

In contrast to the scattered gravel floor, monolithic stone structures occupy the boundaries of the glasshouse. The color of the granite has been carefully selected to match the gravel, forming a harmonious wash of gray. Through cutting, stacking, and polishing, this granite matrix reveals its coarse-grained texture formed by centuries of tectonic activity. The deliberate arrangement of these stones not only serves functional requirements but also allows for moments of openness, inviting contemplation and a sense of unity with the surroundings. Through the glass facade, the juxtaposition of granite's solidity with the softness of the curated items creates a strong contrast, reinforcing the subtle textures of the clothes.

Stone as material, frame as form. Studio Profile draws inspiration from the site, cutting monoliths to forge dialogues between the inside and outside, between human and nature.





Client: RUOHAN
Location: Hangzhou, CHINA
Completion: 2024.05
GFA: 80 sqm
Design Scope: Interior design, VM design
Interior Team: Josh Ren, Baoer Wang
Contractor: Shanghai Jingxuan Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Materials: Granite, Gravel, Stainless Steel
Photography: Shangwei Wang, Baoer Wang