Pearlstige Taikoo Hui Pop-up 

Shanghai, China

在此项目中我们为Pearlstige 设计了位于上海太古汇的临时零售空间。Pearlstige 作为中国现代珠宝品牌致力于珍珠设计与美学。Studio Profile 从珍珠的形成过程中汲取灵感。有别于珍珠光滑的表面,其内部结构呈现出生长的痕迹斑驳堆积。同心圆层层包裹,好似树干年轮,记录着年岁。

起初,Studio Profile 将场地构想为一个实体方块,并从中挖掘出功能性空间,展露出隐藏在表面下的层次。在层与层的间隙中隐藏着轨道,为珍展陈提供了多种展示的可能性。体块均匀涂覆基于沙色的肌理漆,赋予了整体一种颗粒质感,不免使人联想到母贝在自然中的栖息地和其外壳的粗糙质感。这种肌理与珍珠首饰的强烈视觉对比,使其自然地成为质感温润的珍珠首饰的理想背景,使珍珠的光芒跃然于其上。

This is a temporary retail space located in Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, showcasing Pearlstige, a Chinese contemporary jewelry brand specializing in pearls.

Studio Profile drew inspiration from the formation process of pearls. Unlike its smooth surface the inner structure of a pearl unveils intricate layers of concentric circles, akin to the annual rings of a tree trunk, which chronicle its growth over time.

Conceiving the given site as a compact block, Studio Profile excavated to unveil functional spaces and reveal these embedded strata. These layers incorporate 1 cm intervals in the walls, facilitating versatile configurations for jewelry displays.

The surfaces have been uniformly coated with a sand-based pigment, bestowing a granular texture reminiscent of the natural habitat of oysters and the rugged textures of their shells. This textural juxtaposition creates a compelling visual contrast with the smooth and delicate jewelry pieces, providing an ideal backdrop for them to stand out.