Ruohan Runway SS24

Paris, France

Ruohan has composed a retrospective series for these three seasons—23AW/24SS/24AW—based on the themes of points, lines, and surfaces. For the middle chapter of the series, clothing and architecture meet in Palais de Tokyo in the form of ‘lines'.

Among the three interdependent elements of surface, line, and point, the line has the most freedom. Like light, it extends endlessly; like the horizon, it divides day and night; like the contours under the painter's brush, it outlines all shapes. In text or in paintings, vivid worlds can emerge with a few stokes of lines on a flat surface. Inspired by Chinese landscape paintings, delineating ambiguity through lines also inspires us to consider whether it's possible to recreate such feat using “lines” in this runway space.

We start by scoring three lines on the floor plan, mapping out the circulation. The model weaves through these three lines to create visual ambiguity. The audience is seated on one side of the runway to observe this colossal “painting”.

The three lines manifest themselves as three-dimensional veils in space. Models shuttle between between the illusory and the real. When the breeze caused by model's movement gently lifts the curtains, the audience catches a glimpse of the different layers. Like a scroll unfolding before the audience, people and light interweave within the scene. The lines flutter between the incessant flow of actions, extending infinitely along the ray of lights.

Weighted lines, layered planes. Together with Ruohan, we measure the “infinite” with “lines”.






Client: Ruohan
Location: Paris, France
Completion: 2023.10
GFA: 250 sqm
Design Scope: Set design
Interior Team: Josh Ren, Baoer Wang
Model Photos: Shoji Fujii
Production: Devi Sok