Nothomme BLUE

Hangzhou, China

“Blue” is a brand that seeks to balance the allure of nature with the excitement of city life. Their product line covers a wide range of outdoor fashion, catering to various activities like hiking, skiing, biking, and camping. Just as “Blue” endeavors to bring fragments of outdoor lifestyles to its patrons, the spatial design unfolds as a collection of movable screens, each could encapsulate a distinct theme of outdoor clothing.

In the course of day-to-day operations, these screens are arranged to navigate people to meander through the space. When a special in-store event occurs, the screens yield to the side, unveiling a generous expanse within the store. This flexibility in partitioning breathes versatility into the store, allowing it to adopt a multifaceted character.

The selection of materials plays a pivotal role in crafting the spatial narrative. Rooted in the brand's 'urban outdoor' design aesthetic, a combination of wood and metal has been chosen. The "wooden block" takes on the role of a "natural" backdrop within the space. It has been sculpted to contain cashier stations, storage, and fitting rooms. Within the wooden structure, large overhead membrane lightings has been incorporated to dispel any feelings of confinement.

Conversely, the metal components introduce an urban, industrial feel to the space. Its lightweight and adaptable character interplays with the wood block at the rear, “slicing” across the space. Each screen is crafted with galvanized steel frames inset with metal grids, accompanied by versatile, detachable components for a spectrum of display requirements. These grids are aligned along six equidistant tracks, configured to frame different glimpses of each other and the wooden backdrop from outside the store.

In this dance of wood and galvanized iron, the space assembles into a unified whole. The result is a captivating and ever-adaptive retail environment, weaving together elements of nature and urban vibrancy.






Client: Nothomme Blue
Location: Hangzhou, China
Completion: 2023.11
GFA: 110 sqm
Design Scope: Interior design & VM design
Contractor: Hangzhou Guya Construction Decoration Co.,Ltd
Materials: Galvanized metal, Birch wood
Photography: WenStudio